I’m Angela Hitomi Skye Crandall Okune.

I set up this blog to provide updates throughout my PhD research journey. I blog occasionally but every year my new year’s resolution is to do better.

I began my PhD in socio-cultural Anthropology in August 2015 and hope to finish by August 2021. I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. I studied in Washington, DC for four cold years before moving to Nairobi, Kenya. I lived and worked in Nairobi (during which time I also met my spouse) for nearly five years before moving to Irvine, California to enroll in the PhD program. I am currently based in San Francisco, California with my family.

Find my CV here. Find a list of my recent publications here.

Find the open data portal that I manage which includes data from my fieldwork here and context about why I set it up here.

Read the journal article that details how I leveraged an open source ethnographic data sharing platform for my doctoral fieldwork here.

I repost various resources that get forwarded to me here.

Find the beginning of an archival collection about iHub Research here.

Find my orals documents from 2018 here.

Learn more here about Quotidian Data, a research institute I co-founded that focuses on advancing understanding of the socio-technical layers of knowledge production and stewardship especially related to data.