Recent Publications

Edited books (full peer review)

Chan, Leslie, Angela Okune, Becky Hillyer, Denisse Albornoz, Alejandro Posada (Eds.). 2019. Contextualizing Openness: Situating Open Science. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press.

Book chapters

Mutonga, Syokau, and Angela Okune. 2021. “Re-Membering Kenya: Building Library Infrastructures as Decolonial Practise.” In Narrative Expansions: Interpreting Decolonisation in Academic Libraries., edited by J. Crilly & R. Everitt. Facet Publishing.

Hillyer, Rebecca, Denisse Albornoz, Alejandro Posada, Angela Okune, Leslie Chan. “Toward an Inclusive, Open, and Collaborative Science: Lessons from OCSDNet. In M. L. Smith & R. K. Seward (Eds.), Making open development inclusive: Lessons from IDRC research (pp. 357–379). The MIT Press.

Albornoz, Denisse, Angela Okune, Leslie Chan. (2020). Can Open Scholarly Practices Redress Epistemic Injustice? In M. P. Eve & J. Gray (Eds.), Reassembling Scholarly Communications: Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access (pp. 65–79). MIT Press.

de la Chaux, Marlen and Angela Okune. 2017. “The Challenges of Technology Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: A Case Study in Nairobi.” In Digital Kenya, edited by Bitange Ndemo and Tim Weiss, 265–301. London: Palgrave Macmillan UK. doi:10.1057/978-1-137-57878-5_9.

Chan, Leslie, Angela Okune, Nanjira Sambuli. 2015. “What is open and collaborative science and what roles could it play in development?” In S. Albagli; M. Maciel; A. Abdo (Eds.), Open Science, open issues (pp. 87 – 112). Brasília: Ibict; Rio de Janeiro: Unirio, 2015.

Journal articles (full peer review)

Okune, Angela and Leonida Mutuku. 2022. “Becoming an African Techpreneur: geopolitics of investments in “local” Kenyan entrepreneurship.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society. Under Review.

Okune, Angela. 2020. “Open Ethnographic Archiving as Feminist, Decolonizing Practice.” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience 6 (2).

Other significant publications (editor reviewed)

Okune, Angela, Sulaiman Adebowale, Eve Gray, Angela Mumo, and Ruth Oniang’o. 2021. “Conceptualizing, Financing, and Infrastructuring: Perspectives on Open Access in/from Africa.” Development and Change.

Okune, Angela. 2020. “Review of Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in and African Research World, by Crystal Biruk (Duke University Press, 2018).” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience 6 (2).

Okune, Angela, Katie Ulrich, Kim Fortun, Duygu Kasdogan, Grant Otsuki, Maka Suarez, Wambui Wamunyu, Amanda Windle. “Intermediary Artifacts: Exploring Collaborative Possibilities as Part of Ethnographic Research Design.” Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal: Teaching Resources.

Okune, Angela, Trevas Matathia and Syokau Mutonga. 2019. “Scholarly Memory in Nairobi, Kenya: Care for Sites and Sources.” In Innovating STS Digital Exhibit, curated by Aalok Khandekar and Kim Fortun. Society for Social Studies of Science. August.

Okune, Angela. 2019. “Decolonizing Scholarly Data and Publishing Infrastructures.” Africa at LSE (blog). May 29, 2019.

Okune, Angela and Aadita Chaudhury. 2018. “STS in ‘Africa’ in Formation.” In STS Across Borders Digital Exhibit, curated by Aalok Khandekar and Kim Fortun. Society for Social Studies of Science. August.

Okune, Angela, Becky Hillyer, Denisse Albornoz, Alejandro Posada, Leslie Chan. “Whose Infrastructure? Towards Inclusive and Collaborative Knowledge Infrastructures in Open Science.” Leslie Chan; Pierre Mounier. ELPUB 2018. Jun 2018. Toronto, Canada.

PhD Mama Collective. 2018. “Graduate Student Family Precarity and the Impossible Balance, or, Why We Can’t Do It All — Cultural Anthropology.” Cultural Anthropology, May 2018.

Albornoz, Denisse, Alejandro Posada, Angela Okune, Becky Hillyer, Leslie Chan. 2017. “Co-Constructing an Open and Collaborative Manifesto to Reclaim the Open Science Narrative.” 293–304.

Hillyer, Becky, Alejandro Posada, Denisse Albornoz, Leslie Chan, Angela Okune. 2017. “Framing a Situated and Inclusive Open Science: Emerging Lessons from the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network.” In Expanding Perspectives on Open Science: Communities, Cultures and Diversity in Concepts and Practices, 18–33. IOS Press.

Okune, Angela, Becky Hillyer, Denisse Albornoz, Nanjira Sambuli, Leslie Chan. 2016. “Tackling Inequities in Global Scientific Power Structures,”

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