Genre: Grant writing

I've been deep in grant writing for the past two weeks (a big anthropological fieldwork grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation was due today) so while I have been furiously reading, it's of a different sort of reading than it would/will be for development of my orals documents. Nonetheless, while part of me detests the genre of … Continue reading Genre: Grant writing

Fanon and Du Bois on the “color line”

We ended last week’s joint class with Professor Chandler musing about whether as scholars we should be attempting to move beyond using race as a core categorical/analytical concept, or if we continue to use it while recognizing the potential danger of (further) reifying it as a useful category of significant human (socio/cultural/biological) difference. I’ve got … Continue reading Fanon and Du Bois on the “color line”

The Nation-State, Pan-Africanism and Biosocial Claims to Knowledge

This past week, I participated in the second biennial conference of the African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) on “African Studies and Global Politics.” The ASAA seeks to promote the study of Africa from an Africanist perspective, and as such, much of the discourse at the conference was related to pan-Africanism, decolonizing the mind/knowledge, and … Continue reading The Nation-State, Pan-Africanism and Biosocial Claims to Knowledge

HIST 290 : Draft Reading List

I've compiled a first draft of my reading list for the quarter. I'm copy-pasting it below, but also adding a link to a google doc here so that you can comment on it. Otherwise, for those that are so inclined, feel free to alternatively use hypothesis (which is pretty cool) to annotate the list directly on … Continue reading HIST 290 : Draft Reading List

Update from the classroom

After my first class meetings for HIST 290 and ANTH 289 this week, I am looking forward to the opportunity that I think both classes will allow for - namely to further develop my own lines of research inquiry but with some facilitation, guidance, feedback and support from the faculty and peers in a class … Continue reading Update from the classroom

CFA: Workshop on “Participant Observation and Collaboration in STS Ethnography” (April 2018)

Reposting this call for those who might be interested... Call for application for an early career workshop on: "Participant Observation and Collaboration in STS Ethnography: Generating Methodographic Sensibilities for Science & Technology Studies" hosted by the Institute for European Ethnology at Humboldt University Berlin (Germany) in cooperation with the the ETHOS Lab of IT University … Continue reading CFA: Workshop on “Participant Observation and Collaboration in STS Ethnography” (April 2018)

Where My Head’s At: Research Update

Part of my rationale for starting this blog was--in addition to being a space for reflection--also as an additional accountability tool. As I mentioned in passing in my first blog post, I have decided to set up a "community advisory committee" in addition to the required academic advisory committee. I see this as an important … Continue reading Where My Head’s At: Research Update