Tech tools

On a lighter note, wanted to post links to techie things that I’ve learned about from friends in Nairobi. I am not receiving any advertising money from these orgs nor do they probably even know I exist but sharing because I thought these might be life changers for some of you …

My friend and I were trying to figure out how to do the design work for an upcoming event (we don’t have a budget for it) and she told me about this. Amazingly simple and beautiful designs to whip up a quick poster, ppt, etc.:

Are you like me and have a gazillion tabs that you say you are going to read and never get around to until your browser looks like hell? This has saved me:

The thought of transcribing the interviews that I’ve been doing has been overwhelming me…Until a friend mentioned Otter AI. You upload the interview and it picks and auto-transcribes. Then you go back in and clean it up. Working pretty well so far!

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