2 Postdoc Opportunities at the University of Bologna: Due Jan 17, 2020

Call for application for two postdoc vacancies in the context of the Processing Citizenship Project, funded by the European Research Council (http://processingcitizenship.euhttps://bit.ly/2PFbBp7). The positions are opened at the University of Bologna, with Annalisa Pelizza as Principal Investigator.


  • One position in “Social studies of data infrastructures for population management”

Open to candidates wishing to focus their research on the socio-organizational aspects of data infrastructures, with attention to how circulation of third-country populations data shapes and is shaped by inter-organizational boundaries.

Strongly encouraged backgrounds: Science and Technology Studies, sociology of technology or sociology of organization with a focus on data infrastructures, social informatics, software studies or information science with a sociological sensitivity

  • One position in “European studies with a focus on multi-level governance of data infrastructuring for migration management”

Open to candidates wishing to focus their research on European multi-level and multi-sectorial governance, with attention to data infrastructuring for migration management

Strongly encouraged backgrounds: political science, EU public policy, European history, European law, International Relations or sociology, all with a focus on European integration

  • Where: University of Bologna, Department of Philosophy and Communication.

Bologna is one of the most sought after cities to live and work in Italy and Europe

  • Duration: 12 month, renewable
  • Salary: between 2.200 and 2.600 euro/month net
  • Start date: March 2020, a later date can be negotiated
  • Submission deadline: 17th January, 2020
  • Interviews: 5th (Social studies of data infrastructures vacancy) and 6th  (European Studies vacancy) February 2020, candidate decides whether in person or via videocall
  • Full-length call and submission link (tip: filter by department “Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione (post 240/2010)”)

For scientific questions, please contact the PI Annalisa Pelizza before 29/12 or after 12/01.

For administrative questions, please contact Ms. T. Mattioli, +39 051/2092202, tatiana.mattioli [at] unibo.it.

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